Winter Best Snacks Marunda Recipe:

When a person feels more cold in winter he tries to find some effective food to control the cold. now i brought the best recipe of Marunda the best Healthy and easy Winter snacks. If you tried  this recipe i bet you will love to make it again and again. You can make this healthy dish for your kids to fulfill their physical demands to grow. I used today all healthy items in my winter Best Snacks like Jaggery and dry fruits like roasted grams, roasted peanuts, cabins and almonds. you can make variation according to the availability of dry fruits in your kitchen.


I took today

Jaggery crushed 1 and 1/2 cup

roasted and peeled off peanuts half cup

roasted grams half cup

almonds half cup

cabin half cup

pop corn 1 and 1/2 cup

water half cup

you may add your local dry fruits or present item. You may apply this recipe on only one item with jaggery.


Collect all items and measure in a dish.

Take a saucepan. Add jaggery and half cup water.

Keep the heat on medium level.

Mix slowly with spoon.

When all pieces of jaggery melt switch off the heat.

Add dry ingredients like peanuts, gram, almonds and cabins or what ever you have. Mix well

Add popcorn in the last because they happen to be soft.

Mix all ingredients well.

In five minutes, your snacks are ready.

serve to kids and guests as well.

These Marunda snacks are best for winter parties.

We send these Marundas as a gift to our overseas relatives.

Try this Winter snacks recipe and give feedback in comment box.



Jaggery first and main quality is this that it is totally organic. This is best source of sugar. Jaggery itself has many benefits for health.  I remember  a saying:

if you have pain in stomach eat jaggery

if you have cold eat jaggery


if you are worry eat jaggery

now I must say

come on foodyshine and eat marunda

I added the video in the post. I hope this will help you. If you have any question you may ask.

positive comment are always welcomed.





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