What to do before Ramadan?

Ramadan is a king month of Islamic months that’s why Muslims try to find what to do before Ramadan because In this month Allah bestows special blessings for Muslims. He rises the reward ratio of good deeds. He closes the doors of jahannam and opens all door of jannah. All Satans are imprisoned. So, every Muslim needs to spend this month with special efforts to obtain Allah’s mercy for him and for his family too. I make a list of tasks to do before Ramadan so that we can avoid tiredness and focus only on Ramadan’s special worshipping.

Correct intentions before Ramadan:

This belongs to only man and his Allah. This action does not need any special time or effort. It only needs your purity of mind. Making intention is like a basic structure of any building. If you make intention to spend this Holy Month in full obedience of Allah and you will try to perform all duties honestly. You will offer all obligatory tasks perfectly then Allah will help you. You will also find the reward of those intentions as like you have performed them. As the Hadith narrate

انماالاعمال باالنيات

Prepare Home before Ramadan:

It is a culture in Muslim communities that they try to clean their house before Ramadan. It has benefits like cleaning their house before Ramadan helps them to make a clean atmosphere for Ramadan Ibadaat. They spend less time in daily cleanliness and focus on ibadaat. As they follow the Hadith and find the reward

النظافة نصف الايمان

In this way, you can prepare special places to perform prayer and other Ibadaat. You can make special shelf for Quran and Islamic books. It will help you to read them on regular basis.

Grocery shopping before Ramadan:

Make lists of food ingredients which you need in Ramadan. You can shop the dry foods before Ramadan. If you do grocery before Ramadan it will help you to perform ibadaat instead of wandering in stores. It will help you very much in Ramadan.
Even you can cook some foods which are usually feezed and warm in oven like Shami kabab.
If you have to invite others on Iftaar parties. Make list of whom to invite and what to cook. This trick will save your time.

Eid shopping before Ramadan:

After Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. They cook special foods and wear new dresses. Some Muslims make a mistake that when Ramadan ends they rush to markets and miss the ibadaat of last night of Ramadan. You already know that there is Eid on the end of Ramadan so be prepared for it before Ramadan and don’t waste your time in markets.
You can buy gifts for others before Ramadan and present them according to your plan. .
One important point I am sharing with you that you know we have to be answerable for everything on the day of judgement. But there will be no queries for your blessings used in Ramadan. Some people in my area buy dresses and wear them for first time in Ramadan. Then they use those dresses when needed. You can follow this rule in this Ramadan.

Solve misunderstandings before Ramadan:

Islam is a religion of connecting not of rejection. If you have any misunderstandings or conflict in your family or friends then leave that issue for the sake of Allah. Open and clear your heart for humanity. Allah will love your act and will bestow his blessings upon you. If you want mercy do mercy.

Deen learning tasks:
In Ramadan, you can learn and understand Quran, Hadith, Islamic life rules etc. You can join any teaching class or group in your community or online. When you fast try to abstain from meaningless activities. Utilize your time to learn Deen. In this way, you will be able to be a good Muslim. Follow this rule and share this notion in your circle because a noble talk is also a sadqa. So make your mind to learn Islam in Ramadan.

Sadqaat and zakaat donation:
Ramzan particularly has good rewards for donations. Do sadqaat as much as you can. Fast teaches the lesson to know the pain of poverty and hunger. So search for needy person around you and help them. Make the list of things which you can share or money. You can pay your sadqaat and zakaat donations to Syria and Turkey. You can find some links hereWhat And How To Donate For Humanity In Turkey And Syria

I presented these options for you to celebrate a best Ramadan. You can note them and make your own list of tasks to do which will help you to do a good niyat of many good deeds in Ramadan. If you will do efforts to obtain Allah’s blessing in Ramadan then Inn Sha Allah He will accept your good intentions and purify your soul. So, do good as you can. Keep remember our Syrian and other Muslim brothers in supplications.

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