What Is The Best Diet For Ramadan?

If you are a Muslim with the blessings of Allah and you are searching for best diet for Ramadan then you should understand why are you preparing for Ramadan. Ramadan comes to burn our bundle of sins and to purify our souls. Ramadan also burns unhealthy fats in our body. So make your intention to eat such food which will help you to perform more and more ibadaat. Select the special foods which will maintain your health. Use daily routine foods which you use on regular basis. Follow basic diet rules.

I suggest some basic diet rules for you.

  1. Dates: dates are the basic and Sunnah food for Ramadan. It provide the best nutrients for health. Date is not at all specific to iftaar use dates in breakfast meal also.
  2. Water: Use water from sunset to sunrise continuesly. If you take more water it will keep your body hydrated and fresh.
  3. Make portions for food in stomach. One portion for water, second for meal and third for air. It is Sunnah. So follow Sunnah and be Healthy.
  4. Keep on changing different diets. Don’t useĀ  one specific food for whole Ramadan. It will be more useful for you.
  5. Always try to eat fresh and seasonal foods like fruits and vegetables.
  6. Take care of your physical condition. If you have any health issue then before fasting consult you doctor. Then make the chart of your diet according to your health.

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