What Foods Are Forbidden In Ramadan?

It is frequently asked question on google that what foods are forbidden in Ramadan? First of all, you need to understand what is Ramadan? Why fasting is obligatory for Muslim? What are Fast benifts?why and What is forbidden food and what is not? Then you will understand that nothing is forbidden except Haram food which is harmful for you. You can eat every food which is healthy for you. Read the whole answer and if you are still confused you can ask in comment box below.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a 9th lunar Islamic month. Fasting is obligatory for Muslims from dawn to dusk. During Fast, it is forbidden for them to eat or drink anything even a little drop of water or a small piece of any food. If they do so without any reason, their fast will break and they will have to fast again the due fast after Ramadan and pay fidya. However, they can eat and drink any halal food from dusk to dawn.

Why fasting is obligatory for Muslims?

Fasting is a relation of a man to his Allah. It is a training session for a Muslim.  During Fasting, a Muslim revives his contact with Allah. A man leaves eating and drinking only to seek Allah’s mercy on him. He compresses his phsycal needs and tries his level best to do good in Allah’s eyes. On the other hand, Allah opens all doors of mercy for him. He forgives his previous mistakes. He rises the reward ratio of good deeds from 10 to 700 levels.

Fast is a gift from nature to a man. Fasting has many benefits for Muslim. It is very good for human health. Fasting gives rest the body and helps body to refresh it’s structure. On the other side, it helps man to reconnect his Allah. Fasting helps a man to control his (Nafs)soul. He learns to lead his life according to an order which helps him to spread peace in world. There are also many benefits for man in Fasting. 

What foods are forbidden in Ramadan?

At first, clear your mind that eating foods are never forbidden in Ramadan by Allah. Allah only limited the time to eat from dusk to dawn. From dawn(sahoor) to dusk (iftaar)He wants you to avoid food only to accede Him. As we read before this fasting is very beneficial for us.

What Allah forbade; is to eat Haram food, not only in Ramadan but in whole life. This Haram is not good for us in this life or life hereafter. Now scientific researches are also proving that Haram food has damaging effects on health. Even halal food obtained illegally is also Haram for us. So try to avoid Haram food.

You can transfer this question into what foods need to avoid in Ramadan. Allah says in Quran to eat Tayyebaat  which means halal and benificial foods for you. You only need to avoid such unhealthy foods which may create problem for your health. It includes extra and continues use of much spicy, fried,  salty and sweet food. You can read this post for more details Simple Answer To What To Eat And What To Avoid In Ramadan.

If you have some serious health issues then you have to avoid those foods which may increase your disease or you can use them according to your phsyician’s suggestion.

If you are really searching for Islamic rules about foods in Ramadan or after Ramadan, then try to follow Sunnah. Our Holy Mohammad SAW never rejected or disliked foods. He never criticized on food before him. He used to prefer simple foods. He used to eat only in small quantity. Try to follow these rules and live a healthy life.


You can say that only Haram is forbidden in Ramadan or in Islam. You can eat and drink everything which is halal. During Fast, from dawn to dusk, you have to restrain from food to gain Allah’s blessing because it is obligatory for you.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

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