What And How To Donate For Humanity In Turkey And Syria

You heard and read about the disaster after earthquakes in Turkey And Syria then are you thinking about what and how to donate for humanity in Turkey and Syria. it is our duty to save humanity. We are humans and it is obligatory for humans to save humanity otherwise what will be the difference between us and animals because:

To save one human being is to save whole humanity and to kill one human being is to kill whole humanity.

You can not imagine the destructions there. As USGS an official Institute of US narrates that this earthquake was highly destructive. First magnitude 7.6 struck at 4:15 am according to local time. Consecutive aftershacks continued on high magnitude which brought more dustruction. 

Humanity is crying:

If you see the condition of cities after earthquake destructions you can’t imagine that these were full of life one day before. There was a shiny life before 6th February and now there is only debris. People who were rich one day before now they are homeless. Those who feed others now they are hungry and they are waiting for you to come forward and feed them. In this cold weather, little kids have nothing to wear and nothing to eat. Even they don’t know their parents are no more in this world. They have nothing for funeral of their loved ones. The survivors are in psychological trauma and they all need you.

Feel the pain of those people:

Imagine you have multiple bondings around you like your life ambitions, your relations, your loved ones, your kids, your homes, your property and much more. One night you sleep with sweet dreams and all of sudden this disaster happens. Where will be you and your happy life. These are natural disasters which can happen to any of us. What will we do then. So please feel the pain of those innocent people who had multiple dreams and ambitions like us but now they are waiting for you to come forward and help them. They are looking for some angel to feed them.

Donate your services for humanity:

Today, when you feel the pain of others and you will do something for people in need. Allah will never loose your goodness. He will give you rewards in this world and the world hereafter. As you sow, sow you reep. So try to help people of Turkey and Syria as much as you can. It is very dificult time for them and they are waiting for you to go forward and help them.

What to donate for Turkey and Syria:

If you thinks that what you can do and what will be the advantage of only your efforts. So keep in mind that Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. So, come forward and do whatever you can because you are responsible for yourself. You can see the following suggestion and decide what you should do for Turkey and Syria.

  • Go and rescue them as volunteer
  • Send food and medicine for them
  • Provide them shelter and warm clothes.
  • Donate whatever you can
  • Help those who can go there for help
  • Share the awareness
  • Donate your self and encourage others to donate for Turkey

If you can not go there by yourself to help them then you should donate for them.

How to donate for Turkey and Syria:

Where to donate for people in Turkey and Syria is a big question. So please give donation to those people or companies which are trustworthy near you. Search by yourself and where you are satisfied then donate. Prioritize only those NGO’s which are really working there.

I nominate trustworthy options before you. You can choose any of them which you like.

  1. https://alkhidmat.org/
  2. https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/latest/msf-responds-overwhelming-medical-needs-following-earthquakes-turkey-and-syria
  3. https://www.mercychefs.info/donatettps://www.ibc.org.tr/EN/CATEGORY_18/emergency-relief
  4. https://www.whitehelmets.org/en/

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