Vegetable Raita Quick and Easy recipe

Vegetable Raita is a best side dish mostly popular in Pakistan and nearby countries. Now as a global world it is known and famous in all over the world as a healthy food. This delicious dish is now most popular for weight loss. It provides best dairy and vegetable nutrition to body. If you want to use raw vegetables in your meal but not as salad then no worries, this raita is the best choice for you. This quick and easy recipe is a best item for lunch box too.

Let’s start recipe
Prep Time :

This quick and easy vegetable raita recipe is not cooked. You only have to cut vegetables and mix in yogurt. So, it depends only on your working speed. Maximum time needed is 10 to 12 minutes. So don’t worry. Its really quick and easy recipe.

Ingredients:vegetables of raita

Yogurt 2 cup or half kg
Onion 1 medium diced and washed
Cucumber 1 diced
Tomato diced
Mint and coriander half cup
Salt 1 tablespoon
Black pepper half tablespoon
Powder of hot mixed spice or chopped cumin one pinch
Optional ingredients
You may use any vegetable you have at your home like carrot, leeks, cabbage, green chili or any sauce etc. I add carrot and hard vegetables in this way using this gadget.

hard vegetable should be crushed like this
How do I make quick and easy vegetable raita at home

I collect all ingredients and wash them properly and strain them. Follow the method of Raita Recipe
Firstly take onion. Peel the dried layers and dice into small size. Mash with soft hands, wash properly and place aside to drain.
If cucumber is fresh then preferably don’t Peel off it and dice it. Dice tomato also.
Dice mint and coriander also.
Now cutting is complete so, move to next step of Mixing.
Take yogurt . First step is to check the taste. If taste is not ok then adjust it with remedies.
Add salt and other spices. Blend it well with spoon or hand mixer to make it smooth.
Add all vegetable ingredients and mix well.
Your quick and easy but mouth watering delicious vegetable raita is ready.


What is raita?
Raita is a mixture of sliced vegetables and yogurt. It is used as a side dish in South Asia. It is eaten now in all over the world. Raw vegetables are added in raita . So it is easy and quick recipe
What are basic ingredients of raita?
Yogurt is a basic item of raita. Some vegetables are added to make it a regular food and spices are used to make it tasty. Fragrant garnishing items like mint and coriander make it delicious.
Which time is perfect to take yogurt or curd?
Now yogurt is included in all meals. But yogurt is a crucial part of breakfast. I remember the saying of Ibn-e-Khaldun “I don’t know why a man does not die when he don’t eat yogurt in breakfast. Why a man lives when he eats yogurt at night. It means breakfast is a perfect time to take yogurt.
How to serve Raita?

Raita is really delicious food that it I love to eat it individually. In Pakistan, it is the essential item with rice like Boiled Rice, Biryani or Pulao.  This dish is so yummy and healthy you can serve it in every meal.

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