Tips For Pregnant Woman Who Fasts In Ramadan

Pregnant Woman Who Fasts In Ramadan has to be very careful about her health otherwise she has to face many problems. She needs to intake healthy foods and drinks which will be healthy for her. But at first, she should be aware that Allah pak himself gives her relaxation not to fast in Ramadan she can fast after Ramadan when she is ok and she has to pay fidya also. This is obligatory for her to Qaza the due fasts. Many women in Muslim population try to fast in Ramadan during pregnancy. Then they need to follow some rules for a healthy fasting

Pregnant Woman need to observe herself if she can fast easily or not. If she can fast easily then she need to fast with gaps so that her weakness may recover immediately. 

It is observed that second trimester is more safe for fasting than first and third trimesters. It doesn’t mean that she fast like a normal woman. She need to be careful about her and baby health during Fast.

She need to consult her doctor about fast. If her doctor allows her to fast according to her health and it is safe for her she can fast with multi-vitamin  medication and care.

She need to increase liquid intake including water and milk. She need to ban cold drinks and artificial juice. She should use Nabeez which is a miraculous drink in pregnancy.

She has to eat healthy simple and fresh meals. Like bread, Cerials, yogurt, soups and  cooked or boiled meat, lentil and vegetable. She also need to use fruits.

She has to avoid strictly all spicy and fried foods. She needs to avoid sweet drinks and desserts on regular basis. Use of Accessive sugar especially in aftaar may harmful for her.

She needs to take rest for sometime after any activity. She needs to avoid continues activity or complete rest.

She needs to perform ibadaat as much as she can. A pregnant woman worshipping is also worthy in the eye of Allah. She should supplicate for herself and for her baby too.

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