Spicy green sauce for Ramadan quick and easy recipe

If you are searching the best recipe of green spicy sauce which you can prepare in 10 minutes then you are on a perfect place. I am going to share with you the totally organic green sauce which I prepare at home. It can also used as a best side dish in any meal. Its aroma works as a best appetizer. If you tried this for the first time you will love to eat again and again. It has a magical taste when it is mixed in yogurt.

Ingredients:green sauce

Mint leaves half cup

Coriander half cup

Green chili 3 to 4 pieces If they are spicy do less the quantity

Salt half table spoon

Optional ingredients:

You may add these ingredients if you like:

Basil leaves


Garlic half inch

Direction to make Green Sauce at Home

Collect all ingredients. Clean and wash green ingredients. Drain the water.

Chop all ingredients into small form.

Now you have two options for blending.

Electric blender

Hand blender

Tip for electric blender:

Put all ingredients into blender add some water or yogurt in blender.

Hand blender:

Add all ingredients in blender and add salt which will help to blend well. No water or yogurt will be adding in this process.

Your spicy green sauce is ready.


Now it’s only your choice how to serve it. I give you three options to choose according to your taste.

Serve it as Green sauce. You may add some water if it is too much thick or spicy. It will give good taste. If you prefer this option, I will suggest to blend it with hand blender if you have it at your home. In this way it’s taste will be amazing.

Mixing Green Sauce in Yogurt or Cream:

You can mix this green sauce in yogurt or in Cream which will enhance the taste of it. Season the taste. spicy green sauce

Green spicy sauce serve with……

You can serve this homemade fully organic tasty sauce with any salty dish which you have to eat like, rice, salty snacks like kabab, fried fish, or any curry etc. Even this spicy sauce gives taste with simple bread. Try this recipe and review in the comment box below.

How do I preserve this green spicy sauce for more days?

If I prepare this spicy green sauce in large quantity then I put the sauce in plastic box and freeze that box for several days. One more option is here put the mixture into ice cube tray and freeze. Then you can shift those sauce cubes into plastic bag. When you need take out that cube and use according to your choice.

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