Simple Carrot Pudding (Gajrela) at Home

Simple Carrot pudding is an old fashioned recipe but it is true Old is Gold. Carrot is most liked vegetable which has many healthy nutrition. It is used raw, cooked and baked as well. This sweet carrot is especially cooked with milk or milk cream which is called Gajerala. In winter this dessert becomes the essential weekend food which is served warm. It is totally gluten free carrot dessert. I hope you will love the carrot pudding.

Time consumption:

If you follow the classical recipe you will consume 2 to 3 hours. I simplified the recipe to save my time.

1 hour total  time.

15 minutes for peeling and washing

15 minutes for boiling

15 minutes for cooking

and other 15 minutes for you to enjoy.

I hope you will save more time with sharp hands. Good luck for trail.

Ingredients for simple Carrot Pudding:

Carrots 1 kg

Milk cream 1 cup or milk 1 kg

Sugar 1 cup

Cardamom powder or essence 1/4 tablespoon 

Butter or olive oil 1 tablespoon

Water 1 cup

Direction to the recipe of Carrot Pudding:

Peel off the carrots and wash.

Cut into 3 to 4 pieces. It’s optional

Add carrots and water  into pot.

Cook it with close lid until it tender. You can use instant pot or pressure cooker and steam for 5 minutes. look the picture.

Open the lid and dry water. Blend the mixture with electric blender or hand blender.

Add cardamom powder, cream, sugar and oil or butter/ghee. Cook until it thickens. I prefer home cream which gives perfect taste and saves time. If you don’t have you can add milk then you have to sauté until it dry. this process is explained in the picture below.process of carrot pudding

My Suggestion:

You are no need to bake it. It is a gluten free dessert. If you like dry pudding you can fry more.  

To enhance the taste, you can add two  eggs at the end. Coconut powder is also best choice to use in carrot pudding. You can add nuts too. It becomes more healthy and tasty. 

So add any favorite ingredients and enjoy our best simple recipe of carrots pudding.  Review this  simple and time saving recipe in comment box.


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