Rice pudding (kheer) recipe in a simple way

Rice is a healthy and essential food item of every kitchen. It is used in daily meal in many forms. Rice pudding is a dessert in which rice are cooked in milk. In South Asia this dish is called Kheer. It is very easy and simple recipe to follow with easy steps. You can add many variation according to your taste. This is a favorite dessert of kids in my family. It contains best healthy nutrition for physical growth. 

Famous variation in rice pudding.

Rice and carrot pudding
Makhana kheer
Zafrani kheer
Paneer kheer
Mango kheer
Strawberry kheer
Walnut kheer
Almond kheer
Rice payasam
Pumpkin kheer
Let’s start our rice pudding recipe

Time consuming:

This is a very quick and easy recipe which will take time around 30 minutes.


Milk 1 kg
Rice half cup (tea cup) any basmati type which you have
Sugar 8 tablespoon
Cardamom 2 pieces crushed
Water half cup
Salt one pinch
Garnishing items
Crushed almonds or any item present in your kitchen

Direction to cook rice pudding at home.

Take milk and rice.
Check and wash rice.
If you have time you may soak rice in Luke warm water for 30 minutes.
Take a sauce pan add milk and crushed cardamom and switch on the flame.
Add half cup water, pinch salt and rice. Boil the milk while gradually stirring.
Now turn low the heat and half cover the pan with lid. Give it 15 to 20 minutes. But keep stirring spoon with short breaks.
Now check the rice if tender then blend softly with this hand blender. It will turn rice in to small pieces which will look perfect.rice pudding
Now add sugar and mix well. Check if the rice are seperate from milk cook it on medium flame while stirring so that it may take a perfect look.
I added sprinkles of 1 medium carrot on the end and turn off the flame.
Cool it in summer before serving. But it looks better as luke warm in winter.
Garnish with crushed almonds and present on your table.
Eat Healthy stay Healthy.


Can we reheat kheer or Rice pudding?
Yes you can reheat kheer easily on low to medium flame. Add some milk for better results. Keep stirring while reheating on flame otherwise it will stick to pan.
Which essence is perfect for rice pudding?
First add cardamom powder or cardamom essence into your kheer. Second one is kewra essence which will give perfect taste and fragrance to your pudding. You may add rose water too is good for rice pudding.




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