Olive Cure and Preserve in Brine at Home Step By Step process

Welcome to foodyshine.com. If you came here to learn how to cure and preserve olives in brine then i will share my olive preserving experience step by step. I live in olive valley. We have our olive garden. This year we harvested the first olive crop Alhamdu Lillah. I cured and preserved the olives at home. I cured the fresh green olives at home. After curing I  used 5 kg olives for brine preserving and 1 kg olives used for Marmalade murraba. Today I will share the process of curing and preserving of olives.

Why Olive cure is needed?

Olive is very healthy and useful fruit. It has many benifts for human. But it’s taste is too bitter😭. We can not eat it in raw condition that’s why it is cured to make it eatable.
How to cure olives?
There is a complete process to cure olives. Four ways are common to cure olives
Caustic soda is used with water to reduce the bitterness of olives.
Brine :Liquid of salt and water is a second way to cure olives.
Salt :White salt only is used to cure olives
Water: In this process olives are cured with only water

Only caustic soda is better to cure olives because it cures olives with in a week. Other 3 procedures take months to cure olives.
Let’s start my journey to cure olives at home.

Procedure of olives cure
Measurement ratio

Water 1 liter
Green and fresh Olives 1 kg
Caustic soda 15 g
Things needed:
1 plastic bucket having tight lid
Use gloves to avoid any allergy
Procedure of curing olives
Mix caustic soda in water carefully. This liquid may heat up. So stay well away from bucket.

curing of olive
– Add olives in water .Close the lid tightly
– Place that bucket in dark place for 24 hours. Stir the bucket for first some hours to sit olives in surface.
– After 24 hours, wash the olives very well with water. Keep changing the water after every 4 hours for 48 hours. Then change water on daily basis for 4 to 6 days .
Now the olives are cured.

How to preserve olives in Brine.

Cured olives 1 kg
Water 1 liter
Vinegar 200 g
Salt 100 g. you may increase the salt ratio but never less.
You need to prepare this brine for 2 times .
So arrange ingredients in double quantity.
Direction to make brine for Olive Pickle:
Take water in a saucepan. Add salt and boil it.
Then add salted water in plastic bucket. Add vinegar and mix well. Your brine is ready.
Now mix olives.

olive preservation in vinegarClose the bucket lid tightly. Store it for 24 hours.
After that procedure, prepare the brine again according to same ratio and transfer olives in that liquid and discard the used brine.
Now olives are dipped in final brine. So, you may shift it in to final jar or bucket. Close the lid tightly.
Cover that brine with extra virgin olive oil. Preserve it for 2 to 3 months .
Now olive vinegar pickle or brine olive is ready.

preserve olive at home
Use it in several dishes.
Enjoy a clean homemade item in a healthy way.

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