How to Cook Red Beans and Rice at Home?

People generally think that cooking red beans and Rice at home is a tough job. So,  mostly they avoid to cook fresh red beans at home and prefer to buy canned and outside meal. If you plan to Cook Red Bead and Rice one day before, then it will be very easy and convenient for you. If you follow the following recipe you would love to cook Red Beans and Rice at Home by yourself. Cooking at Home for yourself and  for your loved ones is a best care for your family. So cook with care and love.

cook red beans and rice at home

Time Needed:

Boiling beans need 30 minutes.
Cutting and Cooking time around 30 minutes.

Boiling rice time around 20 minutes is enough.

I think 1 hour is enough cook time for a new chef.

If you are experienced person then you can finish your cooking in 50 minutes.

Ingredients for Red Beans:

Red beans 400 g
Salt 1 tea spoon
Red chili 1 tea spoon
Onion 2 average size
Tomato 1 big size
Ginger paste 1 tablespoon
Garlic chopped 1 tablespoon
Oil 3 tablespoon
Optional ingredients:
Bay leaves 2 pieces.
Cumin chopped 1 teaspoon.
Any spice which you like and u have in your kitchen.
Direction to cook Red Beans:
1st step:

red beans and rice
Soak the Red beans in warm water temperature for at least 2 hrs.
Boil the 3x water in pressure cooker
Add red beans, salt 1 tea spoon and spices. Cook it in pressure cooker in steam for 30 minutes.
Open the lid and check if it tenders then ok otherwise cook for some time more.

I soak the red beans for 12 hours. For example if I have to cook for dinner I soak the beans in morning. Then I cook for 15 to 20 minutes in pressure cooker.

Red beans take different time to get tender. So don’t worry about this. I mentioned general time to boil it .. u may exceed or reduce the time according to your experience.
Step 2

Put the frying pan on stove.
Add oil and chopped onions and fry them till they get crispy texture.
Add ginger garlic paste and fry.
Add red chili and tomatoes.

fry ingredients for red beans and rice
After 5 minutes add beans and it’s boiled water.
Cook it for 5 to 8 minutes. Cover the lid. switch off the flame.

Your tasty and fragrant Red Beans dish is ready.
You may enjoy it with white rice or with bread.

rice 2 cup
Water 6 to 7 cups
salt 1 tea spoon
oil 1 table spoon
 Method to  Boil Rice:
Boil water in an open saucepan.

Add salt and oil into boiling water.

Add washed rice into boiling water.

Boil it until rice tender.

Then sieve the rice.

Add into serving dish.

Eat Healthy stay healthy.






: Red beans
Red beans is a kidney shaped lentil which is a healthy meal for our body. It is the best source to increase the blood level. It boosts the growth of kids should be added in our weekly menu. But it has hot influence for our stomach. Which may create risk for stomach patients.



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