How To Control Hunger During Fasting?

If you are trying to find how to control hunger during Ramadan Fasting, then keep in mind these points :

Determine your Faith:

Fasting for a whole day is not at all an easy job. To remain hungry for up to 12 hours really disturbs the body. A man can overcome this hunger with determined faith of Allah that  If he makes mind that I am doing this fasting due to Allah’s order and Allah is watching me and my hunger. I only want His mercy upon me. Then think, Allah Kareem will love your intentions and will love you. This spirituality will give you an energetic power to ignore hunger.

Change food menu:

The second option is to eat healthy. If you cannot control hunger during Fast then you need to change your food menu during Ramadan. Increase water intake during dusk to dawn. It will keep your body hydrated and fresh. Avoid fried and spicy food in suhoor meal. Add carbohydrates and protein in your meal. This idea will help you to avoid hunger during fasting.

Remain busy :

Many people leave their daily routine tasks imagining that rest is better in fasting. But if you remain busy then you will feel better through this trick. Your mind will be distracted and you will overcome hunger.

Take bath:

If you feel hungry or thirsty in Fasting then take bath. This bath will feel you fresh and active. If you work outside then you must try to take bath. You will feel better.

Maintain rest/sleep time:

In Ramadan, sleep time is also changed. So maintain your rest time properly. Always try to take some rest in afternoon. This rest will refresh you. You will feel active.

At the end I will say, your hunger pain is useful for you so don’t be depressed. Allah is observing your hunger and your thirst and he will never ignore your efforts to propitiate Him. So try your best and never give up your fast without any illness. Allah knows it is hard for you that’s why he has too much rewards for you in this world and hereafter too. As Allah says in Hadith Qudsi narrated by Abu Huraira:

Every deed of man will receive 10 to 700 times rewards, except Fasting: Fast is for me and only I shall reward for it. (Muslim).

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy


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