How to Boil Simple White Rice at Home

In this post, I will guide you How to Boil Simple White Rice in an easy way. White rice is an easiest recipe which takes no  special time to cook. If you are new to cooking then the following recipe will give a good and fragrant dish for your meal. White rice is a simple, light and healthy meal which is liked mostly by kids and patients. Boiled Rice is adjustable with any other food item like lentil, vegetable or sauce. Even only salad or yogurt taste nice with boiled Rice.  Let’s start the recipe of white boiled riceboiled white rice

Cooking time:

Around 15 to 20 minutes


Rice 500g or 3 cups… type whatever you like.
Water above 1 liter
Salt 1 table spoon
Cinnamon 1 inch piece
Clove 1 piece
Bay leaf 1 piece
Black pepper 3 pieces
Or any spice you prefer to use
Cumin half tea spoon
Oil 1 table spoon.

How to Boil Rice:

step 1:

Clean and wash the rice.

Take a big saucepan. Quarter fill it  with water.

Add spices like clove cinnamon, clove, black pepper and bay leaf.

Add salt, oil and rice. strain 1 to 2 time during boil.

check if the rice get soft according to your taste then drain the water.

drain the boiled rice

Step 2:


Bring back the drained rice into saucepan.

Add oil 1 table spoon and mash cumin into your palms and spread on the rice.

Cover the lid and steam on low heat for 3 minutes then open the lid when to serve.

Open the lid and  mix the rice softly with spoon.

Your fragrant boiled rice is ready.

you can serve this rice dish with Red Beans  . 


  1. Water should be 4 to 5 time more than rice.
  2. Saucepan should be vast enough for rice to dance in water easily. If the rice is happy in saucepan then it will look perfect in your plate.
  3. Rice should be soft and fluffy. if it is boiled for more than required time its look will be damaged.
  4. boiled rice is best to use in one day. boil rice again on next day.
  5. if you want to reheat the rice then place the saucepan on griddle on low heat like steaming with closed lid.

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