Fried Vegetable Rice Recipe Easy Method

Rice is the most used food in everyday meal. Rice it self has several types and it is cooked in hundred ways to make a good variety of meal. Beaf lentil and  vegetable all look perfect with rice combination. Today we will find the easy and quick  recipe of best vegetable rice. If you eat rice vegetable in this way you will find this dish very healthy and easy to digest.  I used boiled rice and fresh seasonal vegetables in this recipe. I think fresh seasonal vegetables are more suitable for our healthy meal. So always prefer fresh and seasonal vegetables.

Ingredients for Vegetable Fried Rice


  1. Onion 1 medium chopped
  2. Tomato 1 large chopped
  3. Carrot 1/2 or 1 medium size chopped
  4. Cabbage 1/2 cup or 2 handful chopped
  5. Green peas 1/2 cup or 2 handful

or any vegetable which you like


3 cup of rice

Water 1 jug or 9 cup water

Salt 1 tablespoon

Seasoning ingredients:

Oil 1 to 2 tablespoon

Salt 1/2 tablespoon

Black pepper 1/3 tablespoon or green chili

Cumin chopped 1/3 tablespoon

Or Any herb powder which you prefer

Direction to recipe of fried vegetable rice

1st Step:

Collect all vegetables and other ingredients.

Wash the vegetables. Drain the water. Cut all vegetables in a same shape and same size. This will give a perfect look to your meal.

Take one wide saucepan. Add 9 cup waterand switch on the heat. Add salt and rice and boil until it tender. If you like hot spice you can add for fragrance. Check rice if tender then drain the water. For best boiled rice recipe plz visit my post How to Boil Simple White Rice at Home.

On the other hand, take another pan. Add oil and heat it. Add chopped onions, cabbage, carrot and peas and fry it on medium heat. Add salt and pepper. Keep on stirring. After 5 minutes add tomato and close the lid to cooking it on steam on low heat. After 5 minutes, check if not tender then steam it again. Then add boiled rice sprinkle cumin or any herb spice. Steam on low heat for 5 minutes. Now mix well fried vegetables into rice. fried vegetable rice

Note: you can boil green peas to tender separately and add while mixing.

Your tasty vegetable fried rice in very easy and quick way are ready. Serve with any curry, salad, yogurt or raitaVegetable Raita Quick and Easy recipe.

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