Chapati recipe (how to make flat bread easily?)

Bread is a crucial part of daily meal of the whole World. Everyone intakes the Bread in different way. There are many types of daily food bread.  chapati or Flat bread has deep roots in history. When man used to eat raw food he firstly started to cook bread on stone. Bread continued its process and today, we see so many types of bread in the world. Still today, flat bread has its own importance. It has so many names like chapati, roti, tortilla, pita, naan, focaccia and pancake etc. People of every region have local names for flat bread. it is the best source to take energy for body. it has many benefits for human health.

Flat bread provides large amount of calories to human body. These calories enable a human body to work more effectively. One medium size flat bread will give above 100 calories.

This bread is a good source of fiber which is crucial for body to perform well.

Flat bread provides carbohydrates for energy to human body. These carbohydrates enable body to produce enough energy.

flat bread of whole wheat flour provide multi Vitamins and low minerals to human body.

Flat bread provides low amount of proteins like it gives around 6 gram proteins  in an average size bread.

flat bread of wheat flour provides low level of sugar.

If you don’t use flat bread in daily meal then you can try this recipe to find these benefits.

Lets Start the Flat Bread Recipe Now

Preparation time:

5 to10 minutes

Rest time or adjustment time:

20 to 30 minutes

Cooking Time:

12 to 15 minutes


Wheat flour/whole wheat flour 4 cups for medium size 4 to 5 pieces.

water 4 to 5 cups in a bowl.

salt half teaspoon (optional).

oil to make soft bread  1 tablespoon (optional).

Things needed:

1 wide bowl to kneed dough

one container or bowl for water to kneed

Things needed for cooking bread:

some butter or oil

dry flour one cup

rolling pan and rolling pad

kitchen tong



one simple cloth piece.

Direction of Chapati recipe:

take out the flour from pot according to the ratio of your family members.

strain the flour with flour strainer. it is a necessary rule.

chapati recipe

add optional items oil and salt into dry flour.

add slowly water into flour pot and mix gently with right hand.

when it gets roughly shape then knead with both hand fists for 2 to 3 times.

use water carefully to make good dough. Dough texture should be near to hard which could be mold easily.

put aside the dough covered for 10 minutes at least.

knead the dough for 2 to 3 time after break.

now the dough will be more gentle.

How to Cook Chapati now:

gather all necessary items near stove.

place the griddle on stove. switch it on.

grease lightly your hand with oil. Take a fist equal dough and make it round shape like a ball.

Now mix that ball with dry flour and make flat bread round shape using rolling pan and pad. Use dry flour when dough stick.

Your griddle or skillet pan is heated now. Grease it lightly with oil and spread the raw chapati on griddle.

With in one minute, change the side (using kitchen tong).

Now keep on slowly moving the chapati with pressing with cloth. This trick will softened the Flat bread and will cook perfectly .

Change the side to cook perfectly. Cook carefully if you left it moveless it will burn. So, be attentive.

After cooking the chapati (flat bread)  wrap with cloth piece and place in hotpot.

cook when to serve.

remaining dough is more than need then cover with tight lid and preserve in fridge. this dough can be used for 2 to 3 days. Prefer to knead daily.


 For Serving  this Chapati, there are countless items.

We usually serve this bread with any vegetable or meat curry.

Yogurt, pickle ,preserve, marmalade jam kababs and soup are also good choices.

You can make jam role for kids lunch boxes.


I tried to fully explain the simple  recipe of flat bread.

You may add many items and make this bread more delicious. So, keep on trying  and keep connected. This website will provide more Bread recipes.

Today i made turnip chapati which was delicious.


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