Fried Vegetable Rice Recipe Easy Method

fried vegetable rice recipe

Rice is the most used food in everyday meal. Rice it self has several types and it is cooked in hundred ways to make a good variety of meal. Beaf lentil and  vegetable all look perfect with rice combination. Today we will find the easy and quick  recipe of best vegetable rice. If you eat … Read more

Mix Vegetable Winter Curry recipe

recipe of mix vegetable curry

Winter is a season of fresh colorful vegetables. These vegetables are eaten raw and cooked as well. There are also many variaties in cooked vegetables. Vegetable soup are also liked.  Today I will share my home recipe of mix vegetable curry of winter season. In this vegetable curry, cauliflower, green peas, carrot and fresh potatoes … Read more

Turnip recipe, benefits and uses

turnip recipe

Today I cook Turnip in my kitchen.  It is called white Turnip also and this belongs to Mustard family.  Its leaves are also cooked like Mustard leaves  . You may follow the recipe. It is a seasonal root vegetable. It has many benefits. That’s why I decided to share the Turnip Recipe with you. May … Read more

Mustard leaves(Saag) recipe

mustard green leaves

I cooked today Mustard Leaves. Now a days, Mustard crop is growing in our area. I have the belief that any fruit or vegetable growing in your area is the best food for you according to your body demands. That vegetable and fruit is best gift for you from Nature. So Mustard Leaves are called … Read more