Red Lentil Soup Recipe in Easy way

red lentil soup recipe

Red Lentil is really easy to access, easy to cook and easy to digest meal. Red lentil soup is rich in protein and fiber. It contains low calories and fat. It means Red Lentil soup is a full nutrition food for all ages. This soup does not need a proper chef to cook it. It … Read more

Potato Soup Recipe:

potato soup

Potato Soup Recipe is really amazing and easy to prepare. Potato is such a  delicious vegetable which is liked by all of us in every season.  Potato Soup is a best use of Potato to boost the health of man. Potato is a top vegetable convenient to the pocket. So, feel free to try this … Read more

Simple Chicken Soup Recipe for kids and patients

simple chicken soup for kids and patients

I have seen that mostly people don’t know how to make Simple Chicken Soup for Kids and Patients. They use many Ingredients which becomes heavy to digest and kids and patients dislike and refuse to intake. but now you don’t worry I am sharing my experienced recipe to make simple chicken soup which will be … Read more