Make Chocolate Chip Cookies With Easy Steps

Chocolate Chip Cookies is a very famous and loved recipe in all over the World. People always try to keep these cookies at home for snacks or hunger at night. If you still are buying those cookies from market then you should try to make chocolate chip cookies at home. If you followed the direction … Read more

5 Delicious Recipes Of Mashed Potatoes

delicious mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes is a very simple and easy recipe. The topic 5 delicious recipes of mashed potatoes will help you to make variation according to your taste and choice in this old fashioned food. Potato is really very humble vegetable. It adjusts with every food item. It also tastes good with fruits. Potato is a … Read more

Donuts recipe in a simple way

donuts recipe in a simple way

Donuts are all time favorite dish of kids. This dish belongs to bread family. Donuts are prepared with common ingredients which are usually available in kitchen. The recipe is also very easy to follow. Dough rising takes times otherwise you can prepare this dish with in 20 minutes. It is a best snack item you … Read more

Use Olives in Salad

use olives in salad

Use Olives in Salad is a fantastic idea. If you have olives like me and want to add those healthy olives in a tasty and delicious dish then try this salad recipe. This salad can be served as a snack or as a side dish to any special meal. Olive Salad can also be used … Read more

Simple Recipe Of Pancake With Easy Steps

simple recipe of pancake

Simple pancake is an old fashioned food which is forever liked. It can be prepared within 30 minutes with no more effort. It’s ingredients are also used to be available in kitchen so you can prepare this dish as a snack for your kids in no time. I will share with you the simple recipe … Read more

Eating during fasting does not break Fast

Fasting is a special offer for Muslims to get high rewards from Allah. In fasting, Muslims abstain from eating even halal food and halal relationship from sunrise (sahoor) to sunset (Iftaar). Fasting is actually the only matter of a person to his Allah. Fasting totally depends on the intention and only Allah knows the intention. … Read more

Simple Carrot Pudding (Gajrela) at Home

carrot pudding

Simple Carrot pudding is an old fashioned recipe but it is true Old is Gold. Carrot is most liked vegetable which has many healthy nutrition. It is used raw, cooked and baked as well. This sweet carrot is especially cooked with milk or milk cream which is called Gajerala. In winter this dessert becomes the … Read more

Tasty Chicken lasagna recipe with easy steps

Chicken lasagna is a very favorite dish of all ages from old to kids…. But we should not regularly order from outside. We should try to fulfill their demands but in a hiegenic way. It is not at all impossible to make this dish at home but you only need to make your mind to … Read more

Chicken curry recipe in a simple way

chicken curry

Chicken is a most liked and famous food item of today era. Chicken is used in varieties of dishes in all over the World. Today I will share with you the most famous recipe of chicken curry in a very simple way. This curry contains the tasty soup which is very healthy itself. This chicken … Read more

Spicy Fried Fish Recipe Step By Step

spicy fried fish

Fish belongs to seafood family. It is liked and used in all over the world. People of every region love to use it in cold weather because it’s hot influence to heal the body. It contains best nutrients like Omega 3 and more minerals in it. Today I am sharing the spicy fried fish recipe … Read more