Tips For Pregnant Woman Who Fasts In Ramadan

Pregnant Woman Who Fasts In Ramadan has to be very careful about her health otherwise she has to face many problems. She needs to intake healthy foods and drinks which will be healthy for her. But at first, she should be aware that Allah pak himself gives her relaxation not to fast in Ramadan she … Read more

What And How To Donate For Humanity In Turkey And Syria

donate for Turkey and Syria

You heard and read about the¬†disaster after earthquakes in Turkey And Syria then are you thinking about what and how to donate for humanity in Turkey and Syria. it is our duty to save humanity. We are humans and it is obligatory for humans to save humanity otherwise what will be the difference between us … Read more

What Foods Are Forbidden In Ramadan?

It is frequently asked question on google that what foods are forbidden in Ramadan? First of all, you need to understand what is Ramadan? Why fasting is obligatory for Muslim? What are Fast benifts?why and What is forbidden food and what is not? Then you will understand that nothing is forbidden except Haram food which … Read more

Simple Solution Of Can You Brush Your Teeth In Islam Fasting?

There are specific rules for you in Islam fasting. If you search on internet whether can you brush your teeth in Ramadan or not you will find both answers Yes or No. Most scholars and books vote for no. You can not brush your teeth in Ramadan fasting because it will break your fast. On … Read more

What Can Break Fast?

Fast is obligatory for Muslim from dawn to dusk. He should be well aware about that factors which can break Fast. It is forbidden for him to eat even halal foods during Fasting. A drop of water also breaks the Fast. If a person tries to do fasting to gain Allah’s blessing then he should … Read more

How To Control Hunger During Fasting?

If you are trying to find how to control hunger during Ramadan Fasting, then keep in mind these points : Determine your Faith: Fasting for a whole day is not at all an easy job. To remain hungry for up to 12 hours really disturbs the body. A man can overcome this hunger with determined … Read more

8 Ways To Avoid Food Waste In Ramadan

Today, I will discuss with you how to avoid food waste in Ramadan because this is a king of other months. Allah bestows treasures of blessings in this month of Fasting. Muslim do special preparation for this. They prepare special foods¬† and invite others for Iftaar. They perform nafli ibadaat, and sadqaat on a large … Read more

Simple Answer To What To Eat And What To Avoid In Ramadan

If you are visiting this page in search of what to eat and what to avoid in Ramadan it means you are aware and mentally prepared for Ramadan. You know very well about the importance of Ramadan. You want to spend this month perfectly with proper fasting. I want to clear some points before you … Read more

What are two main meals in Ramadan?

In Ramadan, Muslims have to fast for a whole day before sunrise to sunset. So their meal timing is devided into two main meals. One is called sahoor and other is called aftaar. Sahoor is the time before sunrise. In this time, a Muslim needs to intake healthy and nutritional food which may help him … Read more