Best Olive Leaf Organic Tea for cold and weight loss

In winter, Olive Organic Tea is a best food drink to get energy. I am sharing very quick and easy recipe which is also tried and tested. If you try this recipe you will love to drink it on daily basis.  We have our own Olive garden. I make Olive organic tea at night on daily basis. This tea is suitable for all ages equally. I add some spices which enhance the flavor and benefits as well. You can use this tea for whole year.  Here I will share two recipes  of Olive tea.

BENEFITS of Best Olive Organic Tea

Best olive organic tea has many benefits but here lets look briefly points.

This tea is best for winter. It gives freshness and energy to body.

This organic tea is a best remedy for cold, cough, and allergy. 2 to 3 time in a day cures the disease.

Olive organic tea is best tea for weight loss. All ingredients in this tea, are best remedy to remove fat from body. This tea will work if you leave sugar. You may use any date as a sweetener.

The best Olive tea is best for skin beauty purpose. It helps skin to glow and look fresh. Due to its anti oxidant quality it solves many skin issues like heel wound etc.

It helps the body to fight with many diseases like heart problem, diabetics and cancer.

Simple Olive Tea

Take one cup boiled water add 1 tablespoon dried olive leaves.
Steam for 10 minutes.
Simple Olive tea is ready.
You may add sugar or honey or jaggery to make it sweet.

Best Organic Olive Leaf Tea



Water 6 cups

1 table spoon dried olive leaf

Cardamom 1 piece

Cinnamon 1 inch piece

Fennel half tea spoon

Lemon grass 1 tablespoon

Sugar 6 tablespoon or according to your taste

Method of Best Olive Organic Tea

Take a sauce pan
Add 6 cup water to boil
When water starts bubble.
Add all ingredients. Mix well and close the lid .
switch off the flame 🔥.
Steam for 5 minutes and best olive green tea is ready to serve.

  • You can make many variation according to your taste and demand.
  • If you have cough and cold I suggest to use ginger half inch sliced into this tea.
    You may replace sugar with honey or jaggery.
    Dates can also b used to replace sugar.


Use this tea preferably fresh
If you want to reuse it …then boil before use.
Never use that tea for more than two days because liquids start to produce harmful effects on third day.
It has hot and dry influence for body. So keep in mind your physical problems like stomach problem or high blood pressure.

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