Best Healthy Drinks for Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of lunar Islamic calendar. Allah has identified in this month  as mandatory  fasting for Muslims.   So they do fasting this whole month from sahoor  before sunrise to after sunset.  They make special preparation for their food.  They try to take healthy foods so that they can perform best fasting and ibadat. During this Sacred month their routine life totally changes even the routine of kids. All Muslims even wealthy or poor try to invite others on Iftar meal. So special foods  and drinks are prepared to feed others. Generally, we use many drinks in  Ramadan but we don’t know the effects of them on our health. In this article I tried to find out best healthy drinks and tips too  for Iftar and sahoor meals which will be beneficial for people having fast. 


😍 Yes, of course water. Water is the best and healthy drink bestowed to us by Allah. The creator of our body knows us better than us. Water is the best source to hydrate the body. We should intake water in Ramadan more than normal routine. In Ramadan, many drinks are used which have many benefits too but pure water has its own importance, we cannot deny it. So use plenty of simple and pure water during aftar to sahoor. It is somehow difficult to smoothly drink but it is rich in nutrition.

 Water Drinks for Ramadan:

Barley drink Sattu:

Barley drink is favorite of our Holy Prophet(PBUH). It has many benefits for our health. It is full of Fiber. This drink is prepared in many ways. In Pakistan its grains are grind will a mill then roasted and grind again like flour. This flour is washed and added in a jug mixing with sugar or jaggery.  I add cool water and lemon juice for flavor and presented. Now readymade Barley are available in market for drinks. Try this recipe in This Ramadan. 

Nabeez (dates in water or milk):

Nabeez is a Sunnah drink. Our Holy Prophet (SAW) used to like it very much. it is very healthy and favorable drink. The method is very simple and easy. Dates Are dipped in water or milk for some hours and are blended well before presentation. This drink will give you two benefits; one is following Sunnah and second is healthy drink.

Coconut water:

Coconut is a powerful fruit to hydrate the body. Its water is cholesterol free and full of minerals. It is used in many drinks. If you use only pure coconut water it will be sufficient for you. This water itself resolves many health issues. I will suggest you to use Coconut water in this Ramadan.

Fruit Juices:

Fruit juice is  really a refreshing drink which has many benefits for your health. Lemon squash is very common in every corner of world. Now many variation are available in squash with multiple ingredients. You can use any seasonal fruit which you like to make fresh juice for Ramadan. Keep in mind one suggestion to use fresh fruits to make juice at home. If you will use market juice it will not be appropriate for you health in Ramadan. You can make watermelon juice, mango juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, sugarcane juice, grape juice, orange juice, peach juice and much more. You can use these options to make variety on your dinning table.

Mint Margareta:

Mint Margareta is a drink of recent era. It is liked most by young generation. This drink is the combination of mint, water, sugar and cold drink. It is served with spicy foods like kabab, macaroni, and roasted item. I will suggest to use this drink on low level because cold drink will demolish your stomach so try to avoid it.


Jallab is the favorite and traditional drink of Arabs. it is prepared with the combination of grape molasses, dates, rose water and sugar. It is really a refreshing and nutritious drinks. Mostly Arab love it and present it to their guests with pride. You may try this drink in this Ramadan and enjoy.


Milk is the second liquid gift of Allah. It has bundle of benefits for health. We should mostly add milk in our Ramadan meals. I will suggest to use pure milk instead of milk packs. If you cannot find the pure milk then you may use other options. Mostly people avoid to intake milk in original form. I will share some options for you may choose form like smoothie or milkshake according to your choice. However, make your mind to use milk during Ramadan in your meal.

Milkshakes for Ramadan:

Milkshake is a combination of milk with sugar and other ingredients. You can add many variations in this field according to your taste.  You only need the desired fruit, milk, sugar and blender machine.  You may use fruits, dry fruits, any essence or chocolate to give it a flavor. Only dates blended with milk are also liked. You may try these milkshakes in this Ramadan like; apple shake, banana shake, strawberry shake, proteins shake etc. Make milkshakes of your choice but your focus should be on your health.

 Hot Drinks:

In Ramadan people like to take some hot drinks after meal like  black tea, green tea, coffee etc. These hot drinks have benefits but in Ramadan, you should try to minimize the quantity of hot drinks.

Tips :

Use cardamom powder or essence in drinks which will enhance the taste and fragrance. it will help to digest drinks perfectly. If you have stomach issues, use cardamom powder. take  grains of 2 cardamom and take with water. it will resolve the heartburn issue.

Use Chia seed in Ramadan drinks. It has many benefits. If you tried this you will love to use it repeatedly. It is used in many desserts in summer and smoothies as well. It also cools the hot influences in body. Chia seed for Ramadan drinks

How do I prepare my drinks in Ramadan?

I make lemon squash. It is made with water, lemon juice, sugar, salt, rose water. I add chia seeds and psyllium husk in my drink. This drink is liked in my family. Another drink I make using lemon juice and blended mint with sugar and salt. It helps to digest meal and it help to feel light stomach.

Beware Muslims:

food is important for our health. We should take care of our body but it is not  so important that we all time keep thinking about and eating food. Allah wants something else from us. We should feel the troubles of other hungry people in our surroundings and do sadqaat for them. Allah gives us a chance through this Sacred month to make preparation for akhirat. Do sadqaat for others in trouble and get blessing from Allah. Do more ibadaat and Dua in this month and help other as more as you can because every small good is multiplied to many deed only in this month.

Eat Healthy, stay healthy and make your loved ones healthy to bow before Allah.  


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