Simple Answer To What To Eat And What To Avoid In Ramadan

If you are visiting this page in search of what to eat and what to avoid in Ramadan it means you are aware and mentally prepared for Ramadan. You know very well about the importance of Ramadan. You want to spend this month perfectly with proper fasting. I want to clear some points before you which will help to select foods for your Ramadan fasting.

Understand eating in Ramadan:

Ramadan comes for our spirituality. Ramadan comes to burn our sins and to purify our souls. So our main focus should be on our spirituality, to do more ibadaat, to do good deeds and to do more sadqaat. So, we can find the true benefits of Ramadan that’s why we should select those foods which are healthy for us.

What to eat in Ramadan?

There are no specific foods for Ramadan in Quran or in Sunnah. You have no limitations in this criteria. Quran says to eat “Tayyebaat” which means halal and beneficial foods. So eat whatever you eat in daily life but Halal. Eat whatever you have in your casual routine. So that you can perform your casual or routine tasks perfectly.¬†

Daily foods in Ramadan:

Eat simple and healthy foods. Our Holy Mohammad SAW liked the simple foods which nourish the body more effectively.

Use carbohydrates in daily meal especially in suhoor time(time before sunrise). It will help to pass a fresh day in Fasting.

Use dairy foods in Daily meal  like milk and yogurt especially in suhoor meal.

In Iftaar meal, use dates, fruits with your regular meal. Increase water intake from dinner to suhoor time, it will keep your body hydrated and fresh.

What to avoid in Ramadan?

Number 1 to avoid strictly is Haram not only in Ramadan but in casual life too. It includes any food or drink which is prohibited in Islam like pork, drug or any food which is obtained illegally.

Avoid accessive use of sugar, cold drinks, spices, fried items, chocolate, coffee and tea etc. These foods have some benifits but in the days of Ramadan it may cause some disturbance. If you like these foods use them in low quantity then it will create problem.

Try to examine your physical condition before Ramadan. If you have any health issue consult your doctor and follow his advice about foods. Avoid those foods to eat which are unhealthy for you.

I tried to simplify the problem of what to eat and what to avoid in Ramadan. It means there are no specific foods for Ramadan. You have to only follow rules to maintain your health. Your main focus should on the Ramadan and to do more and more good deeds.

Eat Healthy stay healthy

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