Best Healthy Foods For Ramadan

Now Ramadan is approaching and you are making preparation by selecting best healthy foods for this Holy Month. Here I tried to explain best healthy foods for you. There are many varieties of food which are used in all over the world but in Ramadan we should make our food list only on healthy basis. We should select food which will be healthy and nourish our body for perfect Ibadaat.

dates in RamadanDates in Ramadan  :

Dates are the first ingredient of Ramadan food. It is Sunnah food also. So break your fast with dates. Take dates in odd number. Use of water gives more benefits to health. Take care to use in little amount of dates because it has hot influence on stomach. Use dates in sahoor also. I advise to eat even one date if you are late in sahoor and you have no time to prepare meal. Dates are used in many drinks. Nabeez is the favorite drink of our Holy Mohammad SAW.

Liquid foods for Ramadan:

Liquid is essential need of our body. Water is the easiest and biggest source of liquid. Use plenty of water in Ramadan to hydrate your body. Use water continuously from aftaar to sahoor. You can take water intake through many drinks which are healthy also for us. You may visit my post Best Healthy Drinks for Ramadan .

best healthy foods in Ramadan

Dairy food in Ramadan Food:

Dairy food is beneficial for Ramadan. Dairy food contains milk, yogurt, cheese etc. You should use any dairy item on daily basis for sahoor and aftaar. If you cannot take milk you can use other ingredients like yogurt etc. You can make variation in dairy items according to your choice. You can prepare milkshakes, and smoothies. I prepare homemade yogurt on daily basis for sahoor. You may add any sauce in yogurt to give it a flavor. So, now make your mind to use dairy foods in your meal for Ramadan.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables:

Use fresh fruits and vegetables in Ramadan. I will suggest to use seasonal fruits and vegetables which are more healthy and suitable for you. Fruit and vegetables have many benifts for human health. So select your favorite choice for seasonal fruits and vegetables. You may use them in many varieties of foods like you can make salads, fruit chats, fruit drinks, vegetable soup, grilled vegetables and vegetable curry as well.


Meat has also health benefits. It is rich in protein, iron and many minerals. We should try to use meat at least twice in a week. There are many choices in meat selection. You may use beaf, mutton or lamb, poultry, fish etc. There are more choice to use meat in several dishes like soup, steamed or boiled meat, kabab, curries, baked and fried dishes. You can make kabab of your choice before Ramadan and use readymade freeze kabab in Ramadan. You may try my recipe for shami kababs. Avoid the excessive use of meat which may cause disturbing your health in Ramadan.


Cereals are good option of healthy diet for Ramadan. It is healthy source to gain carbohydrates, high minerals, lipid, etc. Cereal provides high fiber if it is made with barley or oats. Cereal is a best food for patients of cancer, Heart issues, constipation, diabetes, and week stomachs. Cereal is considered best food for sahoor (time before sunrise). You may add dates and honey instead of sugar.

Keep changing the Variety for Ramadan Healthy Food:
We read that all the above foods are necessary and nutritional for our health. We should not collect all foods at one time. It may cause disturbance for health instead of benefit. We should prepare 1 to 2 food items at one time. On the next day, we can replace them with other foods. In this way, we can enjoy all benefits from all foods.
Beware of Excessive Use of any Food in Ramadan:
Yes, this should be your golden rule not only in Ramadan but after also. Accessive use of any food item which may have benefits, may cause problem for you. So always use any food in average ratio. For example if you drink too much water or other drinks it may feel you dizzy. More use of sugar and salt can also cause disturbing your health then you will not be able to fast or other ibadaat. In this way, the main purpose will be lost so choose and eat food consciously.

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